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Timothy Coker n6win at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 23:56:58 EDT 2018

I’d echo Mike’s statements. I have both the Mid Tri and the Mid Tri w/40m on my tower along with the 801T at the top of my mast.
The 402T is a design I’m considering for my next tower project if I don’t go with a 4 el OWA, so I understand the interest for sure.
The 2 elements on the Mid Tri have a great build to them. I’m feeling louder on 40m versus my XM240 and it’s really just a bit more due to the efficiency going on with Ken’s coils. SWR curves aren’t as nice but that’s because it’s less lossy. I’m 2:1 at the amp output from the bottom up through 7.205 with my run of coax.
With the savings on my mast up top by bringing the 40m onto the Mid Tri boom at 1’ above the thrust bearing I was able to add the 801T and wow did that ever make 80m feel like something new at my QTH versus an inverted v!
JK’s build quality is quite robust. No experience with OptiBeam and I was looking hard at them too.
Tim / N6WIN.

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> Antennas. I have to do all this on one tower.
> Right now I’m leaning toward a JK Mid-Tri (20-10), a JK 1712 Jr for WARC .
> and a 402T for 40m, in that order up the mast separated by 10ft.
> 16 sqft for the Mid-Tri, 9 sqft for the for the 17/12 Jr. 9sqft for the
> 402T
> and 5 sqft for the mast.

If you're already looking at the Mid-Tri, consider the Mid-Tri-40. Separate
feedline for 40 and saves you some windload and mast space. See:

Mike N1TA

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