[TowerTalk] messed up wiring to key my amp

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 30 15:54:30 EDT 2018

I use the Heil FS-2 footswitch.  The second wire is terminated in a male RCA
plug, so it certainly could be used to key the amp.  However, this is a bad
idea if you ever use VOX, or a voice keyer, or virtually any digital mode.
I also use the Heil CB-1 Classic Base with PTT Control for the PR40

So, my recommendation is to replace the RCA cable from your transceiver to
the amp, and verify the transceiver is configured to key the external amp.

73, Keith NM5G

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Hi folks,

A few days ago I got the bright idea to try cleaning up my rats nest of
wires behind my operating bench and ended up losing two Autek WM-1 watt
meters, my P3 panadapter and the keying for my Palstar amp from my K3. I'd
like to know is anyone has using something like a single source switch to
key both the transceiver and the amp? I'm worried about getting timing
issues that might hurt my K3 driving my Palstar HF-2500 from my Heil
footswitch The foot switch has dual  leads so it would be easy to just
connect one direct to the amp instead of using the Key Out of the K3 which
appears to have some kind of issue. 

Has anyone used the heil foot switch to do this? Were there any problems? I
do have one of those external keying devices from Ameritron or whoever but
that would require more wiring and of course another 12 volt power supply.
Which is where my problems started in the first place!




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