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Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Mon Aug 13 16:51:28 EDT 2018


Thank you for the direct and list, 
informative replies. So many direct 
replies and I am grateful & I'll reply to 
each directly but I'll use the list to 
offer a global reply right now.

There was nothing but universal praise for 
the Green Heron controller so that makes 
it a done deal as regards controllers. I 
now have to decide on the rotor. 

At this point I will only be driving a 6 
meter 6M7JHV till next summer. It weighs 
18 pounds. The way I have used the 
tailtwister is bolted to a base and the 
antenna attached to the mast above. I've 
been informed this is bad practice and I 
need to use a thrust bearing to not abuse 
the rotor, even with light loads. I knew 
to use them for heavy loads but just 
learned something new. I'll make an 
arrangement in my roof tripod to make this 

So now, considering the desire to have a 
rapid rotation (using this 6M beam), a 
Prop Pitch is not in the hunt but based on 
the many replies, I have two options that 
I would do well to decide from that come 
at a cost effective package from Green 
Heron; the Yaesu G-2800 and the Alpha Spid 

Both of these rotors get about the same 
reviews on eHam. I like that the Alpha 
SPid is made in Canada, Yaesu doesn't have 
the best tech support but they're a large 
company with a lot of history. 

Any strong caveats with either one of 
these before I order?




> From: Gary Smith KA1J
> Date: Mon Aug 13 00:13:48 EDT 2018
> I need to replace my old Tailtwister &
> control. It was stuck most of last winter
> and would not free up till I manually
> worked it back & forth and finally broke
> it free. It still has moments of
> hesitation in travel and though I can have
> it rebuilt, it's 40 years old and I need a
> more current controller anyway.
> I removed the almost 40 year old Hy-Gain &
> replaced it with a M2 6M7JHV with 2.5 Sq
> feet of loading. It is on a roof mounted
> tripod. Eventually I will have a tower and
> HF beam, I'm looking at beams with 13 sq
> ft of wind loading and will have the 6M
> above the HF antenna so 15.5 wind loading
> is down the road. With that, I should
> consider a rotor to handle 20 Sq ft just
> to be on the safe side. I've been looking
> at digital controllers that allow me to
> manually choose the degree or use the
> logging software to aim it.
> At this point the Green Heron combos look
> affordable but looking at the Eham
> reviews, the rotors aren't getting the
> best marks. I'd rather get the right
> rotor/controller now and be overkill for
> the 6M antenna but be ready for the HF
> beam a few years down the road.
> The Green Heron controllers seem to be a
> good choice but I have no experience with
> new rotors. I'd appreciate thoughts on a
> good combo for me to look at. A highly
> reliable rotor with quick rotational speed
> is important to me.
> Suggestions?
> 73,
> Gary
> KA1J
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