[TowerTalk] Alpha Spid - Coax to antenna

Gary Smith Gary at ka1j.com
Tue Aug 21 13:23:15 EDT 2018


Just to make this a separate thread from 
the coax loop one;

For those who have Alpha Spid rotors and 
route your coax through the rotor, how do 
you handle that? There seems to be no need 
for a coax loop? My non-hardline coax is 
all the Wireman's 1000CQ106 which is the 
same as Belden 9913F7 except this has 19 
strand center conductor and is quite 

I'll be running this through the rotor so 
it will come out of the top of the mast. 
I'm assuming the 180 degree rotation each 
way will not be an issue considering how 
it will have from the bottom of the rotor 
to the top of the mast to spread that 

Do you do anything at the top of the mast 
to keep pressure minimal where the coax 
bends to go back down the mast, to the 
boom? I was thinking of using a few turns 
of Gorilla tape to hold the loop in place 
to the mast, not wanting to use a wire 
tie, thinking it would compress the coax 
at that point. 



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