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Terry Brown n7tb at comcast.net
Tue Aug 21 13:20:41 EDT 2018

Hello All,

I want to thank all of you who have responded to me privately and on this forum regarding my original post.  I have learned far more from you than I ever thought possible regarding suitable coax for my rotor loop.   I am always amazed that so many people are willing to take their valuable time to help answer questions. 

I sold my home in Corvallis, OR in August 2017. My tower and beam came down in April 2017.  I have been using wire antennas since. Being primarily a CW op, that has helped.  I moved into my new home on a hill in Salem, OR in May and have been going through the process of getting approval from the county to Re-erect my tower on a smaller scale.  That approval has FINALLY occurred and I am so glad to be able to get a beam back up. I have had a new beam sitting in a box waiting since early June.   It is amazing how much I have missed being able to work them if I could hear them on 100 watts or less.  

Even so,  I am currently in Alaska staying at a remote cabin on battery power.  (in town now.)  I am using an EFHW 40-10 sloper and 10watts from my KX2 and able to work quite a few stations in the Lower 48 on CW.  This has been a reminder that even though I have missed my tower and beam,  they are not necessary to enjoy our wonderful hobby!

Thanks again for all the help!

Very 73,s

Terry , N7TB/KL7

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