[TowerTalk] VNA2180 CM Test Jig

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Tue Jan 9 21:33:28 EST 2018

Owners of the VNA2180 vector network analyzer may have an interest in a
simple CM test jig I created using DipTrace PCB software.  I recently
ordered a set of boards from Bay Circuits and if it works as planned, I'll
make the Gerber files available free of charge through my QRZ.com page.  

The board measures 3.3" x 0.75".  A pair of in-line male BNC connectors
mount flush to the PC board.  These are scarce items but can be found on the
auction site.  To the best of my knowledge, neither Amphenol, nor any other
large-scale RF connector manufacturer makes these special connectors,
especially in an N style.  That forced me to use male BNC PCB connectors
which will adapt nicely to a common female BNC-to-Male N between-series
adapter.  I noticed that G3TXQ did something similar with his jig; perhaps
he ran into the same issue.

The board is single-sided copper and solder-masked with ample pour
protection between the BNC center pin and surrounding ground plane.
Connector centers are 2.5-inch to match the N connector spacing on the
VNA2180.  More info after the boards arrive...

Paul, W9AC

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