[TowerTalk] VNA2180 CM Filter Test Jig

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Sat Jan 20 18:49:55 EST 2018

The VNA2180 CM Test Jig boards arrived.  Qty. 5 available,   I am supplying
these FREE to VNA 2180 owners while the supply lasts.  There will not be
another production run.  CONUS shipping via USPS Priority Flat Rate Small
Box is $7.15, F.O.B. - Jacksonville.  I will not ship any other way.  Photos
on my QRZ.com page.  I'll keep the photos up for a few days.  What YOU must

1) Qty. 2 - Male N-to-Female BNC between-series adapter;
2) Qty. 2 - Male BNC, PC Board mount.  Auction site item number:
111356803989; and
3) Qty. 2 - Alligator clip test leads.  Take one test lead and cut it in
half to get a pair for soldering to the BNC center pins.

Single-sided ground plane, ample copper pour protection around the BNC
center pins.  To purchase, send private e-mail to my ARRL.net address
confirming you own a VNA2180 or VNA2180-UHF.  I'll reply with payment
instructions.  If there's no reply, all 5 test jigs have been claimed.

Paul, W9AC

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