[TowerTalk] Tower Connection

Larry Stowell wa2fif at att.net
Sun Jan 21 10:50:59 EST 2018

Tom try Chris, he will work with you

KF7P Metalwerks

Arc Light Mfg. LLC

3641 South 700 West

Salt Lake City UT 84119


Chris at KF7P dot com.


73 Larry K1ZW

On 1/21/2018 10:01 AM, W1PDI via TowerTalk wrote:
> I'm in the planning stages to put up a 50 ft aluminum Universal Towers fold over tower.
> I'm trying to line everything up for a March project date. Question-tower will be approx 100' from house. I plan on bury coax and rotor cables in PVC
> Would it be wise to run cables down tower to a connection box at base for lightning arrestees and provide an easy way to replace coax from base to antennas if needed such as adding addl tower sections.
> If so where can I find a waterproof connection box that will handle 3 RG213u, rotor cable, bus vat and arrestors?
> Tom

73 Larry K1ZW

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