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What else are you planning to install in the box?   Remote coax switch maybe?   
For many it's difficult to judge whether what you are planning to put inside the box will fit, when you are looking at it in the store.   
Unless you have Autocad, find a flat piece of cardboard and lay it out on your garage floor or basement.  Have everything you are planning to put in the box, and lay it all out on the cardboard.  That way you can move things around for best fit, or best ergonomics.  
Another way is to get some graph paper and use some scaling.  Cut out shapes of the switch and arrestors, etc to scale.  You can then move them around the graph paper.   
Do consider room for additional coaxes/arrestors, etc.  
Tom, N2SR

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I'm in the planning stages to put up a 50 ft aluminum Universal Towers fold over tower.

I'm trying to line everything up for a March project date. Question-tower will be approx 100' from house. I plan on bury coax and rotor cables in PVC

Would it be wise to run cables down tower to a connection box at base for lightning arrestees and provide an easy way to replace coax from base to antennas if needed such as adding addl tower sections.

If so where can I find a waterproof connection box that will handle 3 RG213u, rotor cable, bus vat and arrestors?


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