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     At the base of my self-supporting tower I have a steel Hoffman
enclosure with hinge and hasp lock.  I purchased it at a local electrical
supply house.  Inside it I have mounted five Polyphasor arrestors with
bulkhead connectors.  These actually penetrate the side of the Hoffman box
and allow me to ground the arrestors to the side of the steel cabinet.  If
you were to use a non-metallic cabinet, you'd have to come up with a way to
mount the arrestors on a ground plane of some sort that can be

     Also inside my Hoffman box I have mounted a five-position remote
antenna switch.  I can thus save on coax runs from the shack, although I had
to run a separate multi-conductor control cable for the switch.  

     I also have inside the box a connector set for the rotator cable.  This
way I can bring the rotator control box out to the tower, connect it at the
box and SEE from the base of the tower what the rotator does without needing
a second person inside the shack to operate the controller.

     All coax and control cable runs enter this box through a 3-inch PVC
conduit system.   I should have gone to a 4-incher; Caveat Amateur.

     As for your foldover tower, you may have to mount the box on supports
aside of the tower, rather than on the base of the tilting tower, because of
the rigid conduit you'll probably have coming up from the ground.  

     Here's a link to a photo of my tower base:
ef=1   .

73 de
Gene Smar  AD3F


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I'm in the planning stages to put up a 50 ft aluminum Universal Towers fold
over tower.

I'm trying to line everything up for a March project date. Question-tower
will be approx 100' from house. I plan on bury coax and rotor cables in PVC

Would it be wise to run cables down tower to a connection box at base for
lightning arrestees and provide an easy way to replace coax from base to
antennas if needed such as adding addl tower sections.

If so where can I find a waterproof connection box that will handle 3
RG213u, rotor cable, bus vat and arrestors?


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