[TowerTalk] Square Hole or Round Hole for Self Supporter?

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 22 16:21:05 EST 2018

On 1/22/18 12:06 PM, Richard Thorne wrote:
> Clay,
> I emailed a fella by the name of Jeremy.  He quoted me $2800 for a 10' 
> hole.
>  From the other post's on the subject probably a reasonable number. I'll 
> still research the back hoe method.  I'll bet will be less expensive to 
> use a back hoe and have the dirt hauled off (if needed).

generally that's the case.  Round piers are handy if you're already 
drilling them for some other reason, or if you have limited room on top 
(a 20 foot deep 3-4 ft pier will fit a lot of places)

There's also other schemes - shallower and larger in plan, for instance.

There have been discussions on this list a few years ago about a sort of 
X plan -essentially radial reinforced concrete beams - you could be 
pretty shallow, at the cost of having 10 or 15 foot "arms" sticking out. 
  There are lots of engineering alternatives - there's nothing "special" 
about the "cube" as a base.

Or, if your self supporter isn't a "flagpole" and skinny - Tapered 
towers: HV transmission towers, Windmills and Rohn BX have a lot of 
taper.  I suspect that you don't need a lot of "foundation" under the 
feet for that - enough to keep the downwind leg from sinking, and the 
upwind leg from lifting.

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