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 I wonder if the old idea of using two 20 foot steel beams in an X configuration anchored to the ground with screw anchors would work.According to the script each anchor has a pull-up rating of 14,000 pounds. That wold result in a resulting 280,000 foot-pound torque which might be enough for a decent, self-supporting tower. I don't know if a buried or above-ground installation should be best. Buried makes inspection for corrosion damages hard while above-ground is a trip hazard.

I've never seen it implemented but believe an above-ground installation could be cheaper (depending on the price of the steel beams) than a buried cement lump. At least it would require a back-hoe. Just a thought.

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On 1/22/18 12:06 PM, Richard Thorne wrote:> Clay,> > I emailed a fella by the name of Jeremy.  He quoted me $2800 for a 10' > hole.> >  From the other post's on the subject probably a reasonable number. I'll > still research the back hoe method.  I'll bet will be less expensive to > use a back hoe and have the dirt hauled off (if needed).> generally that's the case.  Round piers are handy if you're already drilling them for some other reason, or if you have limited room on top (a 20 foot deep 3-4 ft pier will fit a lot of places)There's also other schemes - shallower and larger in plan, for instance.There have been discussions on this list a few years ago about a sort of X plan -essentially radial reinforced concrete beams - you could be pretty shallow, at the cost of having 10 or 15 foot "arms" sticking out.   There are lots of engineering alternatives - there's nothing "special" about the "cube" as a base.Or, if your self supporter isn't a "flagpole" and skinny - Tapered towers: HV transmission towers, Windmills and Rohn BX have a lot of taper.  I suspect that you don't need a lot of "foundation" under the feet for that - enough to keep the downwind leg from sinking, and the upwind leg from lifting.______________________________________________________________________________________________TowerTalk mailing listTowerTalk at contesting.comhttp://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/towertalk

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