[TowerTalk] 160m antenna ideas / suggestions

Jim Brown jim at audiosystemsgroup.com
Wed Jan 24 18:57:11 EST 2018

On 1/24/2018 1:11 PM, W1JCW John wrote:
> Looking for ideas / suggestions.

Go for the tallest vertical you can, add horizontal wire at top either 
inverted L or Tee to resonate it, add at least 1/4 wave 4 radials 
elevated at least 20 ft. Or a gazillion radials on the ground, buried or 

In general, verticals RULE on 160M, because ANY horizontal antenna is a 
LOW antenna on 160M. And it will NOT be good for NVIS either, contrary 
to urban myth. It will just be lousy for both short haul and DX. :)  
Some ideas about 160M antennas (and radials/counterpoises) here.


If you will have a pretty tall tower (100 ft or more), consider rigging 
a wire sloping away from it, insulated from the tower, and fed from the 
base against radials/counterpoise. Or consider loading the tower. Either 
way, the tower will need a lot of radials, because it acts as a passive 
reflector for the sloping wire, and the current in the tower needs a 

73, Jim K9YC

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