[TowerTalk] Install Type N connector to 1/2" Smoothwall

Rick Wheeler info at omalley.com
Tue Jan 30 10:34:09 EST 2018

I was able to purchase new a 475' roll of CommScope 1/2" HELIAX Superflexible Smoothwall Aluminum coax for my HF station for a very good price. I have about a 150' run from a two element 5 band quad up at 60'. And BTW, the "Superflexible cable" is not that flexible! But the specs are very good for HF.

I have tried to find a way to attach the Type N connectors to the cable without the use of the expensive tools used typically by professional installers. I purchased pair of JMA 500 connectors but after watching their video they used some expensive tools and guns. I could splurge for a Prep tool but the HCG-Frameset compression gun is pricey. Nice and quick to be sure but thousands of dollars for tools I will use once very 10 years or so is steep.

Is there a DIY guide to install type N connectors on 1/2" smoothwall? Do I need the compression tool or can it be done without one some other way? Has anyone made a DIY compression tool?

Rick Wheeler


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