[TowerTalk] Pulling coax through PVC pipe

Shane Youhouse kd6vxi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 14:33:43 EST 2018

I wouldn't be so quick to run ANY romex through PVC when it's buried.  It's
against code.

Article 300 of the NEC states any buried pipe is considered a wet location.

*300.5 Underground Installations.*
*(B) Wet Locations.* The interior of enclosures or raceways installed
underground shall be considered to be a wet location. Insulated conductors
and cables installed in these enclosures or raceways in underground
installations shall be listed for use in wet locations and shall comply
with 310.10(C). Any connections or splices in an underground installation
shall be approved for wet locations.

Then, article 334 implicitly states you may NOT use romex (NM) in damp

*334.12 Uses Not Permitted.*
*(B) Types NM and NMS*. Types NM and NMS cables shall not be used under the
following conditions or in the following locations:

(4) In wet or damp locations

As such, you are MUCH better off running single runs of wire in addition to
a heavy ground to keep SPG intact

There are a LOT more rules regarding NM style wiring, but this is the gist.

Also, it's not always wrong to mix 120 volt and low voltage.  As long as
you use THHN or other 600 volt insulation and all wiring is class 1, you're


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