[TowerTalk] Professional attachment hard line to Rohn tower

Keith Dutson kdutson at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 8 20:46:46 EDT 2018

I have the same query for my 150 foot Rohn 45 tower.  In my case, the 7/8 is for a VHF/UHF repeater, and several 1/2 runs are for various other antennas on the tower.  I have seen some nice hardware for attachment at the top, offered by Chris, KF7P.

3, Keith NM5G

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Want to attach 1/2" and or 7/8" hard line to Rohn tower specifcally Rohn
55 on one tower face horizontal brace or the tower leg and  want to know if anybody has done this with brackets or some sort of attachments from a 3rd party manufacturer of said brackets or hardware? A search of the Rohn catalog did not seem to reveal any sort of hardware available from them.

Has anybody else found a source for such a thing and a fairly easy efficient install for running the hard line up the tower? Similar to the neat arrangement we all see on commercial installs such as cell sites, etc.

I can go with the old standby of 33 tape, black ties wraps etc. however if possible I would like to install the clamping material to hold the hard line securely in place as it goes up the tower and be done with it.

Thanks Charles K5OF


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