[TowerTalk] Tower Permitting Spec's

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Tue May 1 16:43:15 EDT 2018

Hans, An 85 ft tower with only a guy at the top doesn't sound safe to me.
If its intended to be guy'd, unless its something like Rohn 65, that can't
be a good design.  And even if it were Rohn 65, I would guy it in 2 places
along the length.


If its supposed to be free standing, it is never advisable to guy a tower
that's designed not to be guyed.


I like Steve's rule on that one.  Do what the manufacturer says.  Don't do
what the manufacturer doesn't say.


Can you give us more details on the tower?  Do you climb it?  What's on it?
What series is it?  Etc?


Stay safe.


Ed  N1UR

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