[TowerTalk] Alumo Weld Wire For F12 Antennas

Russ Dearmore champsruss at yahoo.com
Sun May 6 13:43:31 EDT 2018

I'm passing on my communication with Tom about the possibility of using galvanized aluminum plated electric fence wire for linear loading of F12 40M antennas.  Thanks to all my new friends that helped me get the 240N radiating like a Star Wars blaster... Hi

Glad you have it working.
The wire is aluminum clad steel, not galvanized and it very difficult to find these days. You can replace it with copper clad. Clad wire is a very thick coat of the conductor, as compared to plated, which isn't thick enough for the skin depth needed at HF. If plated is used, the RF penetrates into the steel core, which is very lossy.
I am making coil replacements for the linear loaded elements if you ever decide to change it out. 
Enjoy the antenna and 73,  Tom N6BT

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