[TowerTalk] Feedline - Question - Idea

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Wed May 9 13:01:54 EDT 2018

The question was actually not about feedline.  However -  what feedline is
part of the dialog I think.  And whats the cost of feedline vs the more
complicated triplexer/pentplexer solution.


500ft is a long run.  Especially if that's the base of the tower.  Here I
have a run to my second tower that is 435 ft.  I run LDF5-50A all the way to
the base of the tower.


Its often about - how many $$ vs activating X number of antennas at Y amount
of loss that is acceptable.


I would make sure that all options are looked at from a budget standpoint.


Ed  N1UR

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