[TowerTalk] Feedline - Question - Idea

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Wed May 9 18:22:51 EDT 2018

On 5/9/18 2:29 PM, Jeff DePolo wrote:
>> Herb: CAT5 is only rated to go 328 feet with gig Ethernet. A better
>> solution would be fiber with fiber to CAT5 at each end. No chance of
>> RF pickup either.
> The other big problem with long runs of Ethernet is the increased likelihood
> of equipment damage due to lightning or ground potential differences.  Near
> strikes can/will blow up the phy or magnetics on copper Ethernet interface,
> and the longer the run, the more energy will be coupled from a strike, and
> thus the more likely that there will be damage at either/both end.  Mike's
> right, fiber is the way to go in a situation like this, even if the maximum
> distance limitation for copper wasn't an issue.  Media converters to go
> between copper and fiber are cheap these days, even for gigabit.

or a point to point RF link - there's a fair number of off the shelf 
solutions for this, ranging from cheap WiFi access points that can do 
bridging to purpose designed to do wireless remoting of Ethernet.

{or, you could use a broadband over power line modem pair <grin>}

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