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The below items are what I was thinking of although none of them seem to cover the 5 "contest" bands. I did see several power levels of 10 - 40 meter quad-plexers. I am assuming they are bi-directional allowing the uncombining of bands as well as the combining of bands.

The place is on the side of a hill, but the buyer will own the hilltop about 500 feet from the house. There is nothing up there, no utilities - nothing. I was NOT thinking QRO as that is not my thing, but having a group of friends over for multi-op is always good fun. Low maintenance is important as climbing the hill in a blizzard is probably not what I would want to do.

I have run three radios into a single tri-bander utilizing band pass filters and triplexers with great success many times.

And yep I think some kind of hardline is in order for the single coax run.

Please keep the interesting ideas coming - Thanks and 73,
Gary "Joe" kk0sd

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I have a similar problem at my new QTH. I'm considering a few products from Low Band Systems. They offer a variety of multiplexers depending on what bands you'd like, but I have not yet personally used one or even seen one in person. DX Engineering has some of their stuff, the rest is at http://lowbandsystems.com/collection/multiplexers.

Maybe someone else in TowerTalkia has a review they'd share. I'm especially curious how it works when you're drilling 1.5kW x3 (in the case of a triplexer) down a single feedline.

Mike N1TA

On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 10:02 AM, Gary <gary_mayfield at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I am looking at a possible location where the antennas will be 500 feet - maybe a little more from the operating location.  Is anyone aware of a 5 band (80-10 meters) multiplexer that would allow simultaneous operation of 5 radios via one coax to a tribander + 40 and 80 meter dipoles located 500 feet away?
> Thanks and 73,
> Gary "Joe" kk0sd
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