[TowerTalk] Motorized winch for a crank up tower.

Mal Speer malco at carolina.rr.com
Wed May 9 23:05:36 EDT 2018

I have the same tower and I bought the next size larger winch. It was a
Fulton K2550. You have to make an adapter plate to mount it on the tower. I
bought a 12" X 12" 1/2" Aluminum plate from McMaster-Carr and drilled the
holes with a 1/2" hand drill.
I use that same drill to crank up and down the tower. The whole business
cost me $300 including the drill, which was about $100.
If you search U-Tube you can find videos on the subject.

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I am planning on replacing the hand winch with a motorized winch on my
TX-455. The price for the winch from US Tower exceeds my budget. I have seen
a couple of implementations where boat lift winches have been utilized as
tower winches. They seem robust and are easily fitted to the application.

I have also seen where  a winch with a brake such as the Superwinch WINCH2GO

I'm hoping to get some insight from the folks here on the reflector. Any
help is greatly appreciated.



Gregg W6IZT




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