[TowerTalk] Ground question

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Thu May 10 17:16:53 EDT 2018

>  I am putting in a fairly short tower in my backyard; 35ft of Rohn 25g. 
>  I will have 3 ground rods around the base. The tower is next to my house so my ground radial field will be semi-circular. 
>  I will be putting 8 ft ground rods every 16 ft. My lot is about 35 ft. deep so radials will be 32 ft. Long buried about 16 in. Underground. 
>  1. How many radials do I need and
    Why do you need all these radials for a 35 foot tower? Are you going to be using it as a vertical? Then your question would be germane. If it's for lightning (that's LIGHTNING), it's overkill IMO. 
    Oregon only gets about 5 lightning days per year - not very significant. One ground wire per leg is fine - you pick the length. If it was my tower, I wouldn't bother. 
    Get the N0AX lightning book and read it. Methinks you're mixing up a lightning ground and an RF ground. 
Steve     K7LXC

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