[TowerTalk] Laying out radials around a stone fence

Kevin Shea fourstar4sale at yahoo.ie
Sun May 13 15:57:46 EDT 2018

Now that the glacier has receded from Wisconsin, I want to put in radials around my 80' AN Wireless tower (free standing no guy wires). About 20' out on an arc of about 75 degrees I have an old stone wall.  It's not high but has huge glacial boulders which really can't be moved.  My radials will be about 100' long (some a bit longer some a bit shorter).  They will be buried using a trencher designed to bury invisible dog fence or lawn sprinkler pipes.  I will likely go down ~3" using 15 gauge solid enamel copper wire (got it an auction of a transformer mfgr going out of business).

My question is: should I run the 20' radials out and end them at the wall, and the radials at the end edges of the wall (either side of the 75 degree arc) connect those to a wire (forming a chord - parallel to the far side of the stone wall) and then connect radials to this cord and continue those radials out another 80-100'?

Hard to explain without a drawing.  I would also mention that the ground falls away from the tower in this direction, probable down 25' from the base of the tower.  This is into a woods and the soil is very rich and should be a good conductor.

Kevin N9JKP

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