[TowerTalk] Laying out radials around a stone fence

Dave Sublette k4to.dave at gmail.com
Mon May 14 12:32:15 EDT 2018

Has anyone suggested to just tunnel under the wall?  I don't know the
construction of that particular wall, but stone fences in Kentucky are just
dry stone stacked.  A sharp stick would poke a hole under it and then you
could just pull the radial under and take it where you wanted to go.  BTW
-- stone fences in KY are usually registered historical things and one must
be careful doing thing to or with them.  But on a dark night, who would
notice ??  ;-)


Dave, K4TO

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> > On May 14, 2018, at 08:50, Les Kalmus <w2lk at bk-lk.com> wrote:
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> > Radials on/in the ground aren't resonant. Most of the current in them
> will be close to the tower regardless of the length of those radials so put
> down as many as you can at whatever length they come out which will be
> better than no radials.
> >
> > Les W2LK
> >
> >Yes, however the engineering on radials has progressed past asking
> whether on- or in-ground radials are resonant and now considers the
> benefits of reducing resisitivity of the soil, as Jim Lux so aptly
> described. It?s not just about being part of a return path.
> >The axiom about more short radials being better than fewer long radials
> remains, especially if your space or wire supply is limited. But if you
> have more of each, radials farther out are still beneficial.
> >It?s probably still wise to not sacrifice a dense field of radials near
> the antenna at the altar of fewer longer radials, but it didn?t seem space
> or wire was limited, merely that there?s an obstacle in the way.
> >73, kelly, ve4xt
> ##  AM broadcast stations around here all use  120 radials..and all are at
> least  .4 wave long.   Thats a min of four tenths of a wavelength.    At .4
> wave long, the distance between  the far ends of any
> 2  adjacent radials is optimized.  In ON4UNs  low band book, he depicts
> the bulk of the ground reflection  occuring   .25 wave lengths out from the
> base of the vertical.   If thats the case, then I can see
> why you would want them a little longer.   If I had a rock wall in the
> way,  I think I would be inclined to go over top of it...or stop at the
> wall, then  continue on the other side.  But that would all  depend
> on how close the wall was to the base of the vertical.
> Jim   VE7RF
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