[TowerTalk] Poly rod, Fiber glass rod, Fiber Protrusion rodtension?

kj6y at aol.com kj6y at aol.com
Wed May 16 11:47:42 EDT 2018

I still have for sale my  the Dillon Dynanometer used for tensioning guy wires.  6000 lbs.

Check it out at  www.dillonforce.com
Pictures available on request.
Asking $600.00.
Skip Bolnick, KJ6Y
Communications Service Co
In a message dated 5/16/2018 4:25:42 AM Pacific Standard Time, john at kk9a.com writes:

I use a Loos gauge on 5/16 EHS. It probably reads higher than the actual

tension however you can clearly see the effect when tightening
turnbuckles. I do not believe that guy wire tension is that critical and
the Loos is easy to use and certainly better than no gauge. I see no
reason that it would not work on 3/8 EHS but this size is in the
commercial range. I use a transit to plumb the tower.

John KK9A

Jeff Blaine ac0c.com wrote:

Hard to use a Loos gauge on bigger EHS though. I've got 3/8 EHS on my
top guys and when I hold the Loos up next to it, the EHS just laughs and
calls me silly names as the nearly unbendable 3/8 EHS laughes at me...



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