[TowerTalk] FW: Crank-up Tower Tension Spring Adjustment ???

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Hi John,

The primary lifting cable which wraps around the drum of the TriEx TM470 is
also used as the pull down cable.   The pull down end of the cable is
terminated at a spring loaded eye bolt in the middle of the top tower
section which is retained by an adjustable turnbuckle.   The turnbuckle can
be shortened to compress the spring and adjust the cable tension.    

The owner's manual instructions for adjust of the turnbuckle is to: (1) with
the tower fully lowered, adjust the turnbuckle to fully compress the spring,
(2) run the tower up and down and readjust the turnbuckle as required, (3)
repeat step 2  until no further adjustment is required.

I have found that there is only a limited amount of adjustment possible at
the turnbuckle.   Larger adjustments can be made by re-making the end of the
primary lifting cable that is terminated with a thimble and three wire rope
clips (the other end is permanently swage locked).   Additional slack can be
taken up at this connection.   If you remake this connection, be sure that
when you put it back together, the saddle side of the clamps are placed on
the live cable (easy way to remember "Never saddle a dead horse").

Hope this information helps and good luck on your project.

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I purchased an old TriEx TM470 (70' crank up tower).

It has way too much slack in the cables and they don't wind up correctly on
the take-up drum without pushing on the cables to remove the excess slack as
they wind on the drum.

What is the correct way to tension the tower cable spring (Keeps tension on
cables so they don't sag or flop)?

John H. Long Jr.
Nephi, Utah, USA

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