[TowerTalk] Joining EHS Guy To Philly Guy

Wayne Kline w3ea at hotmail.com
Tue May 22 18:27:01 EDT 2018

I am sure there  is NO  mechanical advantage of dual thimbles over and ceramic egg insulator.

I my self have never witnessed the dual thimble  configuration on and commercial towers.  The one’s with none conductive guys or none conductive insulator rods all use (Johnny Balls) egg insulators. To terminate to EHS strand wire .

One other thought  as a Belt and Suspender Type … The thought of two metals at friction points = noise to me…. On one of my towers  just the thimbles into the guy wire flange  ( Rohn 65) noise was traced two sources   1 the guy attachment point   and  at the Tic Ring rotating ring…. One requires a  whisker  that rode along the ring flange as it rotated and all thimble to guy attachment points  had  ground brads  attached from the guy grips the tower legs…


Wayne W3EA

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I use guy grips with back-to-back thimbles inside the loops.

73, Dick WC1M

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There is nothing wrong with using the insulators however I am not sure what good they do since Phillystran is not conductive. I have been using back to back thimbles on 6700# and 11200# guys for decades without issue.

John KK9A

Allan W Schlaugat N9ISN

this 155ft tower will be Phillystran with a short EHS chunk, about 10-20 feet long, near the ground where it attaches to the guy anchor plate.
My query is what would be the prudent and safest/strongest method to join that EHS guy cable to that Philly cable? I have a box full of Rohn 502 insulators and I was thinking of using those. Any better alternatives?

Thanks!  73   Al   N9ISN


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