[TowerTalk] Joining EHS Guy To Philly Guy

Steve Maki lists at oakcom.org
Tue May 22 19:56:19 EDT 2018

Only if you use too-small thimbles. Properly sized thimbles for your 
properly installed big grip will be...just right! Big enough radius so 
it doesn't fall out, and strong enough to not compress from wire tension.

BTW it's common to terminate a big grip (with thimble) to a pin shackle 
for attaching to guy weldments, etc. I usually use a shackle for 
coupling my non-conductive guy to the bottom EHS wire, just for a little 
extra flexibility.

-Steve K8LX

On 05/22/18 19:11 PM, Chuck Dietz wrote:

> The problem with using two back-to-back thimbles is the radius is too small. It needs to “wrap around” something larger. Many thimbles would end up squeezing together so that the guy grips would be out of specs by the small radius.  It would only be slightly better than guy grip to guy grip. Also, when you need to take the guy loose, what will keep the thimbles from coming out? If you really clamp down on the guy grip, it will be out of specs.  Maybe I am not acquainted with the type of thimbles you are talking about. You would need to check the thimble specs.
> Using the insulators keeps everything in spec, but they are heavy.
> Chuck W5PR

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