[TowerTalk] SO2R or Multiop Contesting without

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Tue May 29 13:06:23 EDT 2018

I have 2 towers separated by 140 ft.  Monobanders.  The towers are running
roughly N/S so I am not fully pointing at one when beaming EU but its not
"tip to tip" either.


I run FT1000MPs with ACOM and Ameritron Amps.  Dunestars between the rigs
and the amps.  Everything is Well grounded.


Other than harmonics, I have essentially zero interference.  I can hear the
S0 noise floor on 15M while running 20M and those are on the same tower.


Even the harmonics are not terrible except on 40 and 80 and 160.  I do have
to respect about 10khz around those.  I could fight them with stubs but it
hasn't been enough of an issue to bother.


Even more interesting is listening on the same band while running a KW.
That's also doable with some configurations.


Some of the newer rigs, using many stages of pre-amps on an SDR seem to be
more susceptible for this than others.





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