[TowerTalk] A friend needs some RG-302 75 ohm cable surplus pricing?

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Wed Jun 5 21:20:16 EDT 2019

Good luck finding this, the last time I bought RG302/U I paid $5+ per  
foot and there were not that many sources.  Google Shopping lists one  
place (911 Components) that is selling 33 feet pieces for $99.  FWIW,  
RG400 is readily available and <$2 per foot surplus but of course it's  
50 ohm.

John KK9A

Richard Smith n6kt wrote

A friend needs about 200 feet of RG-302. Is there a surplus place  
where I can find this, or maybe another source with good pricing?
73, Rich, N6KT

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