[TowerTalk] Guy wire lower than other two

k7lxc at aol.com k7lxc at aol.com
Fri Jun 7 12:30:55 EDT 2019

>  I am installing both a 55G and a 45G. In both cases, ONE of the radials is 15 feet lower than the other two.I need advice on how to deal with this
Hiya, Chris --
    First, you're talking about a guy wire - not a radial.
    Second, there was an article a ways back in CQ that had all the trig or whatever mathematical techniques are used. That'd give you more specific info. i don't know if I have a copy.

    Third, you can use an elevated guy post if you don't want to mess around with the math. Your rise isn't very high so doing that would be an easy simple fix.
Cheers,Steve     K7LXCTOWER TECH

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