[TowerTalk] Question on R-TA-45 Torque Bracket

Bob Shohet, KQ2M kq2m at kq2m.com
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All yagis should definitely be torque balanced, preferably right at the clamp where it bolts to the mast.  Having said that, a significant issue is that local topography and wx cndx can combine to insure that all booms can be broadside to the wind.  Aside from tornadic events in which the winds clearly swirl, there are lots of other wx phenomena where swirling winds can be experienced and are not expected.

In the Macroburst wind event in Newtown, CT last year on May 15, with 110 mph gusts, there were violently swirling winds which appeared to be tornadic in nature, responsible for literally tearing off massive limbs on hundreds of trees with piles of branches at the bases of trees at sharp angles to the direction of the winds.  There was no rotation of the clouds but there was some rotation of the winds, which was likely due to the direction of the storm movement as impacted by local hills, valleys and other terrain effects .  You can have a tower properly guyed and it may not matter if the swirl is strong enough and rapid enough and it can be a major problem on some hilltops or in some valleys.  

All of this increases the likelihood of failure even if the actual wind speeds are within spec., and points out how important it is to anticipate and plan for potential failure points beyond the levels that are considered “normal” for your area.


Bob  KQ2M

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<That is my concern too with rotating towers however there are many out

<John KK9A

##  with a plane jane tubular mast, you just alternate sides of the mast, for each yagi.
##  EACH yagi needs to  be  TORQUE  BALANCED !     Thats  most of folks issues  right there.  
Its  dead simple to tq balance any yagi. 

## Problem with the  rotating tower concept is..... the tower is 3 sided.... so  ALL the yagis, 
end up on  the  same tower face.    The issue starts when all booms  pointed into the wind.  
You still  end up with a  tq  imbalance. 

##  with all booms broadside to the wind, the yagis are then again tq balanced.... which is... the  fix. 

##  Think of a rotating tower as a 100  to  200 ft long drive shaft.  

Jim  VE7RF

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