[TowerTalk] TowerTalk is old enough to drink!

k7lxc at aol.com k7lxc at aol.com
Wed Jun 26 12:59:35 EDT 2019

    Tnx to Bryan, W9CR, for looking up the start date for TowerTalk:

 >  Mon Jun 3 02:38:44 1996 is the first message in the archives. 
    23 years - I'm impressed! Tnx to all of those who have had questions and all of you who have contributed over the years. I originally started TT because there wasn't any source for credible answers to tower construction questions. And believe me - when you're new at tower installations, you've got LOTS of questions!

    And tnx to everyone for acting like adults. Unlike say the amps reflector, there really aren't any flame wars here - just constructive discussions (for the most part anyway - ha). Threads on owls, finding north, and the occasional tower wench are always welcome!
    So tnx to you, TT is a great reference in our hobby and IMO has contributed to increasing tower safety and reliability. Climb safe out there!
Cheers,Steve    K7LXCTT ADMIN


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