[TowerTalk] Topband: Broadside vs end-fire phasing of RX ants: MFJ-1026?

VE6WZ_Steve ve6wz at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 1 15:31:43 EST 2020

Hi Rich,
I used the MFJ 1026 (I had 2 of them) and also used the NCC-1.
I used them to phase various antennas including my en-echelon Beverage pair which were fed with CAT5 instead of RG-6.
They worked just fine.  The NCC-1 is a more refined box, perhaps a bit less noise, but at my city QTH I really didn't notice much difference.

I can't use either now at the remote.

Steve, ve6wz

> On Dec 1, 2020, at 12:40 PM, Rich Dailey <richdailey at windstream.net> wrote:
> This was a timely video for me Steve - tnx!
> I am experimenting with phasing my North beverage (400'). I am restricted in that direction, but have plenty
> of room to the east for a parallel 400 footer. I may try something close spaced for my N/NW bev also.
> Will be trying different options, including using an MFJ-1026 (poor man's NCC-2, I'm hoping) to adjust phasing.
> Anyone else using the 1025/1026 noise cancelling device as a phasing unit?
> tnx es 73 de Rich, N8UX

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