[TowerTalk] Site development for HF

jcjacobsen at q.com jcjacobsen at q.com
Wed Dec 23 14:44:28 EST 2020

Mitch CIW308 VE6OH < ssc at andor.net >, is looking for suggestions on building up a location for ????? 

Some good suggestions have been given, especially the question of "what do you want to do" with the finished site? 

My $.02: There is an OLD drag racing/Bonneville salt flats saying that could sort of be applied to this situation. 

"The only substitute for cubic inches is cubic money". In other words The faster you want to go, the more it's gonna cost you. 

In this case it would be: How competitive do you want to be vs how much do you want to spend to get there. 

Good luck with the project. (I'm envious) 

K9WN Jake 

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