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Tue Dec 29 18:16:38 EST 2020

Hello, TomTo help with reassembly, I made a stand.Take a top from a box of paper reams.Cut a piece of 3/4" wood to fit snuggly in the box.Get a 2"×8" galvanized pipe nipple and a floor flange for 2" pipe.Center and screw the flange into the wood and screw the nipple onto the flange. Mount your rotator upside down on the nipple.Much easier to work on AND if you drop some ball bearings (everyone does, eventually) they'll stay within the box lid.As far as aligning, that's done before disassembly by using a marker to make lines on the bottom, the base and the bell to show position.73. Bill W6RGS 
-------- Original message --------From: "Joseph B. Fitzgerald" <jfitzgerald at alum.wpi.edu> Date: 12/29/20  11:36  (GMT-08:00) To: Tom Wylie <thomasgwylie at gmail.com>, TowerTalk <towertalk at contesting.com> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rotator Advice I followed the procedure in this manual a couple of months back and it worked just fine:http://www.radiomanual.info/schemi/ACC_rotator/CDE_HAM-4_user_W0MTU.pdfde KM1P Joe________________________________________From: TowerTalk <towertalk-bounces at contesting.com> on behalf of Tom Wylie <thomasgwylie at gmail.com>Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 2:29 PMTo: TowerTalkSubject: [TowerTalk] Rotator AdviceI have refurbished an old Ham IV and now am in the proces ofre-assembling it.   What is the correct way to align the Bell Housing sothat the rotator will be on an end stop.   I cannot find any assemblyinstructions nor Youtube videos which cover this part.   I just wonderedif there were any specific tricks or pitfalls to be avoided, once Istart withg the grease and ballbearings.   I had a fault with the wedgebrake which now appears to be free and working normally.TomGM4FDM______________________________________________________________________________________________TowerTalk mailing listTowerTalk at contesting.comhttp://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/towertalk______________________________________________________________________________________________TowerTalk mailing listTowerTalk at contesting.comhttp://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/towertalk

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