NAQP CW - the "pse qsy" contest

Tyler Barnett
5 Aug 96 11:31:12 EDT

Jeff, I am one of the ones who asked for a QSY, so am guilty too :-)
I think my first reaction was selfish, get that new mult.
I too came to a different conclusion halfway into the contest, I shouldn't 
really ask a CQ'er to QSY.
He/she will lose the freq, and any other people waiting behind me.  It's gotta 
slow down the rate too.

Wouldn't it be neat if Tree could program TR to look at a NAMES file byte when 
you work each station, and pop up a window flag (if the info is there) that 
- Born to QSY
- Known to QSY
- Usually won't QSY - a known 1 radio station
- Don't bother asking

Let's see, there are other possibliites in the remaining bits of that byte:
- Known to go to 160M.
- Known speed freak, rip off the exchange at 50WPM.

Then Tree could make this info available in the exchange strings, and TR could 
ask for a QSY or jack the speed up, all automagically.

Not many people ask for a KY to qsy anymore, but I'll do it anytime.    Sorry 
if I asked for qsy's too much this weekend.

Tyler N4TY