Summary: RF & TR keying interface

Eric & Bonnie Hall
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 20:38:51 -0700

    Hey this internet stuff is great! I ended up getting nine e-mails 
with suggestions and two e-mails that referenced commercial sources. 
Thanks goes to: KN6OZ, K7DBV, W7ZRC, HB9HFN, G4BWP, N0AX, N6KL/0, 
WA7UVJ, and KI6X.

    For the commercially available interfaces, two sources were 
identified: Jim (, and Tom ( both 
offered solutions. That's good to know, since I thought LTA was the 
only supplier. 

    A summary of the suggestions:
    (4) Ferrite core around cable
    (3) Toroid core around cable 
    (3) Using a capacitor 
    (3) Build into metal RS-232 connector
    (1) Grounding the computer case 

    It seems that the users that suggested the capacitor had better 
luck at being successful. As you can see, the number of e-mails don't 
match the number of suggestions...due to multiple suggestions in some 
e-mails (that was good though). 

    See you in the next contest!
        Eric WD9GGY 
        (aka - SPARKY in the August NAQP CW)