Rod Greene
Fri, 16 Aug 96 18:03 MDT

At 09:45 AM 8/16/96 -0700, Larry Tyree wrote:
>Last night, I spent some time focused on memory.
>Today's question - how many of you have had experience with the .CTY
>file for CT version 9.  Should TR use that instead of the version 8 
>.CTY files?  If not, how shall I get lat/lon of the different countries
>so I can generate beam headings automatically.  I'll keep the old
>beam heading file around because I know some people use that for
>other things.

Change to CT version 9

>Another idea that is surfacing finally, is to expand the MASTER.DTA file
>to include names.  This would allow infinite expandability on the number
>of names AND also reduce the memory used by the program by a whopping
>90K!!  There might be a small delay in getting the names, but I don't
>see that as a problem (when sending the name on CW, this delay will all
>occur while the callsign is being sent).

Sounds good to me.

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