CVB, function keys, and CW

Tony and Celia Becker
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 22:41:50 -0600

Hi All! wrote:
>> as TR supports K1EA's DVP (toggling CVB off and on with mode changes, as it 
>> is done with DVP). He says, when CVB.EXE TSR is loaded, function keys are 
>> "frozen" and  he can't use them during CW (in multimode contests). 
>> I'm using DVP for almost three years, and it works superb with TR (and 
>> worked without any problem even with older versions of TR).

At 11:09 AM 8/20/96 -0700, Larry Tyree replied:
>Maybe - I don't have one of these boards.

>Let me know if the next few releases don't address most of your issues
>(except for the voice blaster).

I have a SoundBlaster and have successfully used CVB (Contest Voice Blaster) with all versions of TRLog since 5.2x including last weekend's NAQP Phone with TRLog version 5.75.

For phone contests, the CVB TSR intercepts the function key keystrokes before TR can see them and plays the associated *.voc file.

In a two mode contest, whenever I switch to CW I have to "unfreeze" the function keys by popping up the CVB control panel (the default hot key for the control panel is SHIFT-F10), and type "D" to disable CVB.

Whenever I switch to Phone, I have to pop up the CVB control panel again and type "E" to reenable the CVB function.

I have asked LTA, and this what the author of CVB intended.  

The DVP is a different type of voice keyer board, originally made to work with CT and now supported also by TR; the CVB TSR only works with the Creative Labs SoundBlaster board, and so will work with either CT, TR, NA or whatever.

It would be nice if the CVB TSR could be somehow controlled by the same method as the DVP, and automatically switch in and out under the control of CT or TR, but I have a complete voice keyer for less than $100 so I haven't done my usual pushy guy shtick and asked the authors to work it out.  
Besides, I'm much more interested in the result of Tree's current project, combining the MASTER.DTA, INITIAL.EXE, and NAME databases and freeing up a bunch of memory in the bargain.

I hope this helps.
AE0M, Tony Becker - - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.