TRLog VS TOEC (round

Larry Tyree
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 06:39:41 -0700 (PDT)

Well, let's get to the bottom of this.  Unless they have changed,
here are the toec rules:

                     TOEC WW GRID CONTEST

The Top Of Europe Contesters (TOEC) hereby has the pleasure to
invite all amateur radio stations world wide to participate in
the TOEC WW GRID CONTEST 1995. The contest is divided into two
separate events, one for CW and one for SSB. In 1994 the very
first attempt was called "TOEC field contest", but the name was
changed because many stations was confused by the name and thought
it was a field day. The word GRID is also probably more well
known on a world wide basis.

Definition: A "grid" is a 2x1 degree square, and a "field" is a
            20x10 degree square as defined by the Maidenhead
            system. Your national amateur radio society does
            probably have more detailed  information on grid

RST + grid identifier according to the Maidenhead system,
i.e. 599 JP73  (two letters + two figures)

Each field (ie JP, KO, EM etc) worked gives 1 multiplier per band.


That seems pretty clear.   There are some bugs in TR for two reasons:

- Mults are showing up in LOG.TMP when they should not (counting each
grid, not field.

- All mults disappear when they go into LOG.DAT.

Obviously this will get fixed in the next release.