Silvergran Jonathan, SEME
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 06:58:00 +0100

I second the suggestion made by Troy, WI0R...

>I vote that we go back to the original usage as defined by SM5AGM
>and G4ANB (at least this is the way I understand them, correct me
>please if I am wrong):


>                And alternates:
>                Grid Field -- same as Field
>                Grid Square  -- same as Square
>                Grid Subsquare -- same as Subsquare

The TOEC contest rules will be changed accordingly. To be honest,
I had a difficulties keeping the terms apart while assembling the rules. hi

The LOGCFG.DAT and the TOEC.DOM files from SM3CER are now available for
download at:

Good luck in the contest

Jon, sm3ojr
Contest manager - TOEC
EU distributor of TRlog