Minor TR bugs

Larry Tyree tree@lady.axian.com
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 09:16:13 -0700 (PDT)

KD4D writes:

> 1)  Callsign update enable does not coexist well with general QSO mode and
> QSL MODE QSL and log.

You need to be selective about when to use the CALLSIGN UPDATE ENABLE.  It
works best with simple exchanges were it is easy for the program to 
detect a callsign in the exchange window.  The RST NAME QTH is not a
simple exchange and I never really intended to do the work to make 
the two compatible.

> 2.  (Not tried with 5.76)  The RATE report in POST only reports hourly rate
> breakdowns for twenty four hours.  It should ( :-) ) report for the entire
> log.

Can you send me the LOG.DAT file?  The rate report detects which hours
you were on for and reports those hours.  Somehow, it got confused
with your specific log.

> 3.  I was unable to get callsign update enable to accept the following (in
> WAE).
> ea5mo/3<enter>
> ea5om/3 1<enter>
> I had to go to the callsign entry window to do the correction.  (QSL mode
> was
> STANDARD).  The second <enter> doesn't do anything.

I will look into that.  

> Non-repeatable problems

Can't offer much with them.

> Enhancement requests:
> 1.  Add the prosign  BK to CW messages.  I actually wanted this one in
> general
> QSO mode.  I promise never to use it during a contest. :-)

Maybe.  I actually find that sending BK is more like how people typically
send it.

> 2.  I need a way to get the number of the last QTC sent.  After the QTC was
> sent
> and acknowledged, a european who shall remain nameless asked me for the
> number.  I couldn't find it.  Looking in the QTC files is ugly.


> 4.  Correcting a callsign in the editable window does NOT update the
> dupesheet.
> We've discussed this one before, but I really would like to see the
> dupesheet
> update when editing the last 5 qso's.

I will look into this too.

> The program performed very well.  I let TR run for the whole 48 hour
> period.  This
> is amazing.  Now, if the antenna hadn't blown down and the amp had arrived
> in one piece and I had time to put up the beverage and...Oh, well, there's
> always
> next year.

It is sad when your software is more reliable than your antennas.