Minor TR bugs

Mark Bailey bailey@integ.com
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 11:28:20 -0400

While in KP2, I ran into a few bugs with 5.75.  The repeatable ones occur
5.76.  I have listed the repeatable bugs, followed by the strange
occurrences I
can't duplicate and finally threw in a few minor requests for enhancements.

1)  Callsign update enable does not coexist well with general QSO mode and
QSL MODE QSL and log.

To reproduce, create a new directory and make it your default.
Do you want...?  y
Enter...:  kd4d
Contest...:  general qso
c/m:  c
simulator:  n
cw port:  n

Now, use control-j to set CALLSIGN UPDATE ENABLE true and
QSL MODE to qsl and log.

n6tj <enter>

this gets logged with N6TR as a comment.  If there is a space after n6tr,
the correction is made.  In the following case,


the correction is not made even if followed by a space.

2.  (Not tried with 5.76)  The RATE report in POST only reports hourly rate
breakdowns for twenty four hours.  It should ( :-) ) report for the entire

3.  I was unable to get callsign update enable to accept the following (in

ea5om/3 1<enter>

I had to go to the callsign entry window to do the correction.  (QSL mode
STANDARD).  The second <enter> doesn't do anything.

Non-repeatable problems

1.  I had two "hangups" of the program, where it refused to send code.  In
case, the PTT was active, in the other case it wasn't.  A second return was
necessary to start the CW.  In one case, the return send a couple of
letters of
the QSL message it should have already been sending followed by the CQ.  It
like TR thought it was sending the QSL message.  This happened during WAE,
callsign update enable TRUE.

ONCE when this happened, my laptop had turned off the disk drive (some sort
of power save mode).  It takes several seconds to re-activate the disk

2.  Enter a callsign and use ALT-U to flush the last log entries and try to
a QTC.  ONCE this sent QRU twice to a station with 3 QTC's available.  I
to the exchange window in frustration and it then sent the QTC.  I have
unable to duplicate this one.

Enhancement requests:

1.  Add the prosign  BK to CW messages.  I actually wanted this one in
QSO mode.  I promise never to use it during a contest. :-)

2.  I need a way to get the number of the last QTC sent.  After the QTC was
and acknowledged, a european who shall remain nameless asked me for the
number.  I couldn't find it.  Looking in the QTC files is ugly.

3.  It would be nice if the WAE contest set the multiplier list to
sensible.  I know, I know, I can just set it...

4.  Correcting a callsign in the editable window does NOT update the
We've discussed this one before, but I really would like to see the
update when editing the last 5 qso's.

The program performed very well.  I let TR run for the whole 48 hour
period.  This
is amazing.  Now, if the antenna hadn't blown down and the amp had arrived
in one piece and I had time to put up the beverage and...Oh, well, there's
next year.