MM3 vs. CPU

Larry Tyree
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 08:05:28 -0700 (PDT)

> I am new to TRLog and contesting.  I have a recent copy of the TRLog
> application and have a question for the group.  There seems to be two ways
> to produce cw- using AEA's MM3 keyer or by using the computer's cpu to do
> the keying.  My question is-- Is there an advantage of using the keyer
> rather than the cpu save for an extra piece of equipment?

Actually, the current version of the program no longer supports the 
MM3.  Initially when I wrote the program it only used the MM3 which
had a serial interface.  This made it easier to develop the program
(didn't have to worry about how to make CW).  However, not everyone
had them, and soon the pressure mounted to make the computer send CW.

There really wasn't much advantage to the MM3.  It supported PTT control
and after I talked AEA into adding a delay between when the PTT turned
on and when the CW started, that was a very useful feature for those of 
us with Drake lines who didn't want to fry our TR relays in the 
amplifier.  However, all of those features are not in the TR program.

Probably the feature from the MM3 that I miss the most is the knob
you could turn to change CW speed.  However, the page-up/dn feature
comes close.

73 Tree N6TR