Error in last message

Larry Tyree
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 09:00:34 -0700 (PDT)

In my last message about the MM3, I made a mistake:

> amplifier.  However, all of those features are not in the TR program.

That should read "now", not "not".

While I have your attention, George posted that the missing floppy during
a floppy save no longer crashes the program.  Also, the program won't
crash if the disk is full or if it is write protected.  All of these 
will generate a warning message (with some beeps).

I have also created a new feature to monitor the file size of the 
LOG.DAT file as the contest progresses.  If the size of this file
is significantly different than the size TR expects for the number
of QSOs, a warning message will be displayed.  This is intended to 
detect the problem the OH team saw at WRTC where the log.dat file 
was not being updated on the disk (even though DOS went through the

If you ever see this message, you should probably exit the program,
save the RESTART.BIN file as a different name (so you can pull information
out of it later if needed), then do a SCANDISK command to see if you
can find some of your missing data floating around.

I am thinking about a utility that will automatically look for log
segments floating around on the hard drive - but that will take some
more time.

George also demonstrated a bug with the new rate report in POST (under
the OH2MM menu).  It would sometimes crash at the end of the log.
Also, it will crash if the times are not monotonic - which is a problem
for multi-computer setups.  I will see if I can do something about 

The next release will happen when the new name database/partial call
feature is integrated into the program.  This will probably happen 
in about a week.

During George's visit, we had a TR user show up with his computer.  He
was having some problems with Win-95 and TR.  I am glad George was 
there as I have never seen Win-95 before.  George solved the
problems and learned more good stuff about how to use TR on a 
computer using win-95.  Hopefully we can add some info in the manual
about this in the future.

73 Tree