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Dave Henderson, (Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House)
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 10:04:55 -0700

Larry Tyree wrote:

> During George's visit, we had a TR user show up with his computer.  He
> was having some problems with Win-95 and TR.  I am glad George was
> there as I have never seen Win-95 before.  George solved the
> problems and learned more good stuff about how to use TR on a
> computer using win-95.  Hopefully we can add some info in the manual
> about this in the future.
> 73 Tree


For the record I ran TRLog (5.73 and 5.76) in two recent contests under
WIN95 without any apparent operating system related problems. There are
many things that after 6 months I do without thinking related to WIN95 and
DOS based programs. WIN95 is a lot more DOS tolerant than many folks would
lead you to beleive but you do have to know how to talk to it ~8^).