TR/Doublespace conflict

Pete Smith
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 04:07:38 -0700

        I just had a very scarey experience.  I was in Win 3.1, and decided
to try running TR 5.73 from the file manager using the Windows RUN command.
It let me compose a LOGCFG.DAT file, with the simulator enabled, but as soon
as it tried to switch to the logging screen up popped a DOS-style
white-on-blue error message reading "This is a DoubleGuard warning.  The
application has corrupted memory belonging to Doublespace and could destroy
the contents of your hard drive.  Accordingly, Doubleguard has stopped your
computer. Press any key to continue."

As you can imagine, I was scared silly, and immediately did a hard shutdown.
Fortunately, I have disabled write caching, to protect my Doublespace file,
and everything seems fine, but this suggests that under some circumstances
TR, Doublespace and Windows may not coexist.

For me this is the last straw.  A big hard drive is in my near future, and
Doublespace is history.  But for those still using it, be forewarned!

73, Pete Smith N4ZR 
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