TS-870 Interface

David C.C. Sprague dsprague@bga.com
Tue, 27 Aug 1996 07:41:16 -0500

I am trying to get my computer setup with TR and my Kenwood TS-870 as soon
as possible.  I want to work a few contests this year while learning the TR
application.  I do have some questions on how to setup the cabling.

1- The 5.70 manual makes reference to setting jumpers between pins 1 and 6
as well as between pins 4 and 7.  Does this apply to the 870?

2- Also, when connecting the cw output, I am pretty sure that I connect the
cw output to the key jack rather than the paddle jack.  Is this correct?
Also, the "Circuit A" indicates that one of the outputs goes to the radio
(positive key) and one goes to ground.  What ground is appropriate?  Pin #5
for a DB-9?

3- Does anyone know where I find a PTT connection for a TS-870?

I apologize for inundating all of you with my newbie questions, but I am
eager to learn.

Thanks in advance.